Friday, April 15, 2011

Jumping ship like all the other rats

I wanted to like livejournal, because I was used to it and didn't want to have to learn something new. Like, how to post photos in blogger that would come up in the right order. Why is this lovely sandwich, which is composed of home-made bread, home-made dressing, grilled tempeh and sauerkraut, first instead of last? Is it me? My computer? (My classroom blog has no such problems...) Anyway, I feel I can't stay with livejournal because half the time it won't let me post anything and the other half of the time it allows random bots to leave meaningless comments. So here I am, and here's what you're missing.....

April has been quite unpredictable. On the 1st, it snowed. (Not a joke, unfortunately.) Then it hailed. (See bottom photo.) Currently, it is just above freezing, raining, and howlingly windy. BUT, we did have a few random days when the temperature soared right past mild, through pleasant, and landed on late-June-style hot. On Sunday, we pulled out the grill and grilled us some tempeh for tempeh reubens.

I had taken the close-up first, and was so eager to step back and take the panoramic view, for perspective, that I stumbled backward over the step I forgot was there. Way to go, me..... And here is the hail. Does anyone have any really good advice for posting photos using a mac? Because I may not always want to tell the story backward!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

See me elsewhere


Here's What You're Missing is currently on a livejournal page because that format is better for the person who most often reads it.

The blog is for anyone homesick for Mount Horeb, WI, including rural Perry Township, and for my family members....